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Efficiency of the operational team

Automating the process of managing orders and organizing the team.

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Interactive menu presentation

Display of products and menu according to the configuration in the POS.

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Natural integration in the order flow

Place orders directly in cash registers, kitchen and digital ordering panel.

Digital cashier ready to take your order at any time!

The introduction of the kiosk in the restaurant offers the business the posibility to take several orders and to reorganize the operational team in order to manage all the requests in an efficient way.

The application acts as an independent cashier which is able to send the order in Breeze POS and then in the kitchen display system, on each section.

At the same time, the customer will be able to see his order in real time on a customer display which shows his check number and the preparation stage.


  • Configuring the provided menu in a single place, common with the Breeze POS marking system
  • Several languages support
  • Possibility to display for sale a selection of products from the restaurant menu
  • Menu configuration support following the established ordering flow
  • Displaying promotions/current offers support from the restaurant
  • Displaying standby videos support
  • The possibility to integrate QR code scanner for granting discounts based on vouchers.

    Key benefits for your business

    • Reducing operational costs
    • Efficient pick up time, processing and order delivery times
    • Coverage of order processing flow without verification or human intervention
    • Providing a professional alternative for taking orders from non-local customers
    • Visual presentation of the entire menu to stimulate the value of the average check
    • Shorter waiting time - offers full immersive experiences where customers can see all the menu options on a large touchscreen display, then order and pay easily and securely
    • Improved data collecting capacities - Kiosks are allowing the restaurant operators to capture large amounts of data regarding their customers' buying habits.